Tax Refund

There are many situations where you might be due a tax refund. You may not have applied for all the tax credits you were due, or your circumstances changed generating a tax refund claim.

If you are employed, your tax is handled by your employer however the employer may not be aware of certain situations that could produce a tax claim.
Remember we can submit a tax return for the last FOUR years, so the questions below apply to all four years.

If you answer YES to any of the following activities, then it could be your lucky day!

Did you pay tax at Emergency Rate?
Did you change jobs during the year?
Were you made redundant?
Did you incur any dental or medical expenses?
Did you have tuition fees?
Were you on maternity leave?
Did you get married, separated or divorced?
Were you taxed incorrectly?
Did you have two jobs at the same time?
Do you rent accommodation – you could be due some rent relief?
Are you a single parent?
Do you need your USC reviewed?