Self – Employed Drivers

The team at Tax Buddy will take care of everything. Your drivers can concentrate on the job in hand, in meeting your customer’s delivery requirements. 

Knowing first hand, that the driver community here in the UK is a diverse, multi lingual community. Our marketing material is all bilingual in multi languages, helping you the main client impress upon your driver network your relationship in their native tongue. Our service gives ‘you’ the main contractor huge benefit in the future, preparing you in the eventuality of any HMRC Scrutiny against your working relationship with your contractors.

We will offer the following services to your drivers:

  • Register the driver for Self Employment
  • Register the driver under the Flat Rate VAT Scheme
  • Submit the drivers quarterly VAT returns
  • Submit the drivers self-employed tax returns
  • Administer their quarterly VAT payments
  • Liaise with the main contractor and raise their invoice
  • We will liaise with HMRC on their behalf
  • We will advise and calculate all allowable expenses