We know first hand what your customers expect from you. Together we can guide you in creating a legacy organisation in the logistics industry. We are a market leading, logistics consultancy practice, established to provide an ‘End to End’ service for both the Main Contractor and Sub-Contractor within the Logistics Industry. Working alongside one of the worlds leading insurers our purpose is to insure, safeguard and protect some of the largest courier organisations in the world today. What we offer is not a loophole or a ‘work around’, we offer our clients a completely secure service that allows you to operate as a legitimate main contractor whilst engaging the services of ‘self employed subcontractors’. As part of our team, the UK’s largest independent Tax consultancy ensures you have absolute security by creating a legitimate self-employed environment. Together with a market leading insurer backing our service, you couldn’t be in safer hands!


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO


Eric Teagan

Vice President


Timothy Barrett